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We're Not Just Growing Fast.
We're Changing Lives.

ILKB Franchise Success Stories

Life-changing. Before iLoveKickboxing I worked 50-60 hours per week. Now I work just 5 hours per week, own 2 locations, and earn a better living than I have in my entire life.

Walter Rowe

Life changing is the expression that I use when people ask me about iLoveKickboxing. This is why: Prior to becoming part of the ILKB family, I was struggling, working in my business anywhere from 50 - 60 hrs per week and barley making $12 k per month with overhead expenses of just about the same.

I could barley pay my 1 staff member, let alone myself. Fast forward to iLoveKickboxing, and here’s what my life looks like today:

- Own 2 location, - 10 employees, - Growing & thriving constantly, - Work 5 hours per week ON the business, not IN it, - Just bought a new home, - More family time than ever.

I have the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of where I can be with my family and do what I love and that’s what takes up most of my day.

My business works for me - not the other way around.

Walter Rowe

I was laid off from my lifeless corporate job I held for 20+ years. I’m so glad it happened. It brought me to iLoveKickboxing.

Dennis de Ramos

My background was working in the corporate world for IBM for 20+ years. I always wanted to start my own business, but there was that lingering fear of failure and the unknown. After surviving a dozen layoffs over the years, I finally fell victim to corporate restructuring.

I was laid off. I decided that it was time to truly pursue my dream.

I investigated several different franchises prior to leaving my corporate job, but really loved the energy, enthusiasm, positivity and confidence that ILKB brought to the table. I signed up with my cousin Art and we pushed forward. We learned so much along the way. And we were supported by corporate every step of the way

We calculated what we would need to do to get to breakeven, and we over-exceeded every expectation we ever had. We have been open a few months and have 100% confidence that the model works and as long as we stay the course, everything will be just fine.

This is a life changing decision. And the payoff has been amazing. I thought post layoff time would be stressful, taxing, depressing and exhausting. However it is completely opposite.

I have renewed energy. More pride in what I'm doing than ever before. I've put my time in to get things going, but it is so different. In the corporate world, you can work long hours on projects that you don't believe in and get no appreciation.

In your own business, you decide where you want to focus your attention knowing that every little thing you do affects the bottom line. Some days you may put in longer hours, but it doesn't even feel like it because it is investing in your future.

A couple weeks ago, I was able to go away on a vacation and let my awesome staff run the studio while I was gone. In the corporate world, it was hard to take 2 weeks off because there was so much work before and after the trip. And hard to relax during the trip as you at times still worked. Most importantly, you rarely took long trips because if you could be gone for 2 weeks and things ran well without you, then you could be a prime candidate for this year's layoff.

This is completely opposite. If things are running smoothly while I'm gone. That means that I've trained my staff properly and they are kicking butt without me. I came home missing my studio, my team and for once was on vacation without a worry in the world.

I'm now in the process of searching for locations #2 and #3. I've learned so much in the process, the next one is going to be so much easier and I can't wait to get started.

I love my new ILKB family and don't know where I'd be without them.

Dennis de Ramos

My locations keep growing, yet I have more time for my family than ever.

Peter Peck

My name is Pete Peck. My wife Teresa and I have had ILKB locations since 2012 which have been very successful, and corporate HQ has supported us and guided us every step of the way.

We have 181 members and have sold more than 522 web specials since our site went live in November and over 124 Groupon specials. Many who haven’t even been scheduled for their first class yet!

Teresa and I have been able to train our staff to do many (almost all) of the tasks we did daily before. It has given us much more time together as a family and allows us to work on the most important things to make our business as successful as it can be. We have been able to turn over about 85% of our work load to our employees (our goal is turn over 95% and focus on the “big picture” 5%)

iLoveKickboxing is constantly testing the market to see what works so we don’t have to make the mistakes. They take the risk for us first and only give us updates when they are proven to work! I Love that!

We also feel like a part of a family! We have developed so many awesome friendships through ILKB and it makes us feel a part of something bigger. Something special. 

The leaders of this company are real people, they are approachable and friendly and most importantly, sincere…

My wife and I are grateful everyday that we are a part of this awesome company. It has changed our lives forever… 

Peter Peck