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Our Inovative,
Contagious Culture

The ILKB Formula

Exciting Classes That Keep Them Wanting More.

Pro kickboxers are in amazing shape. They're some of the most lean, toned, and energized people on the planet. iLoveKickboxing harnesses their workouts, and brings them to the masses. We take professional fighter workouts and fitness philosophies and make them FUN and ACCESSIBLE to any man or woman looking to lose weight and get in shape.

In fact, our members simply can't stop raving about how exciting this experience is. That's why referrals are such a large source of new memberships.

It makes sense, too: It's exciting to even strap on real boxing gloves. The feeling of the velcro as you fasten the strap and the leather against your hands gets your adrenaline flowing and your heart thumping.

However, "fighting" isn't in the picture. It's all about fun, exciting weight loss. Our members are training for the "championship fight" of life and fitness, and they couldn't be happier.

We Don't Have Customers. We Have Raving Fans.

Our members are passionate about us. And we understand why. Most businesses they interact with day-to-day are full of unhappy people with poor customer service skills (I'm sure you can relate).

But when you walk into an iLoveKickboxing studio, you're greeted with excitement and enthusiasm. You get a loud, warm greeting, and a big old smile. This makes members instantly feel welcomed, appreciated, and like they truly belong.

Whatever troubles they had that day melt away. They feel supported, and in the company of friends who truly care about their success. This carries over into the class where our instructors motivate and excite them every step of the way.

What's Our "Secret"? We Care.

We care tremendously about each of our franchisees. Part of this stems from the fact that our founder and CEO owns multiple iLoveKickboxing locations himself. As a fellow "in the trenches" owner, it gives him unique insight into what it takes to really make the business work.

Franchisees receive support every day of the week - weekends, too. After all, iLoveKickboxing studios run on weekends, and we know our franchisees might need help on those days as well. Our owners are also active community leaders. They run fundraisers for local charities, get involved in local schools, and do whatever they can to give back.

The culture our members experience is one of warmth, passion, and support. Our franchisees receive the same.