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A Look Inside
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The Ilovekickboxing facilities

When a new member walks into an iLoveKickboxing facility, they typically have two reactions. The first: "Wow, I didn't expect THIS!" They're happily surprised at how clean, nice, and beautiful the spaces are. The second reaction: "I've just come home." They're hit with a wave of positivity and a feeling that they really can succeed. We carefully design our facilities to create these reactions, and to make them cost-effective and efficient for our franchises.

Here's how:

  1. The minimalist design feels open, spacious, and clean. For franchisees, it means less maintenance and upkeep. For members, it feels like they have space to be themselves and enjoy the environment.
  2. The color scheme emotes confidence, strength, and passion. Men and women feel comfortable and enjoy the space equally.
  3. Our bathrooms and locker rooms are gorgeous.Luxurious marble tiles, bright green bamboo, excellent lighting, and lots of space makes our members feel cared for.

    The floors in the locker room are hypo-allergenic rubber, preventing mold and bacteria. Bacteria can't grow on rubber, so it's naturally cleaner and safer.
  4. Our granite-top front desks were carefully crafted to make members feel stable and secure. Stone sends the message that you're not going anywhere and that you're in it for the long haul.

There are thousands of details we chose, both large and small, to create the ultimate facility. Come tour one of our locations and see for yourself.