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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

"What is my initial investment?"

Your initial investment is broken into two parts: franchisee fees, and real estate / construction costs. For both of these categories, costs with an franchise are far lower than most other fitness franchises. After all, centers don't need expensive mechanical equipment like treadmills and such. You just need high-quality heavy bags, a matted floor, and a well-designed interior to give a great workout.

Franchise fees:

One-time payment of $49,999, followed by 6% of the gross per month.

Construction / real estate costs:

Because of our close relationships with our vendors and suppliers, we're able to keep real estate / construction costs to a bare minimum. In fact, based on the size of your facility, you can get up and running for under $50k in some cases. That includes rent, supplies, equipment, and everything in between. Of course this varies based on a multitude of factors, and may not be possible in all areas. However we'll work with you to keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

"How much revenue can I expect from my business?"

Federal law in regard to franchises prohibits us from stating actual numbers. However, we'd be happy to connect you with our owners to discuss the kinds of results they've seen. That way you can hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

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"Will you help me find a site and build my facility?"

Absolutely. In fact, you'll have access to our exclusive real estate partner that will work with you hand in hand to select a site. They know what kind of building and location makes for a great center - from floor space to bathroom requirements, and everything in between.

In addition, we'll refer you to our approved vendors and help you place the right orders. And of course, if you have any questions you can always call corporate HQ any time Monday - Friday, between 10am - 6pm EST.

"Will I receive a protected area?"

Will I receive a protected area?

Yes. After all, the last thing we want is for 2 studios to compete with one another. The size of the area ranges based on population density and geographic features / limitations. Depending on these factors, it can be anywhere from .25 miles to 5 miles.

If you're in a densely populated city like Manhattan - .25 miles is a lot of space between businesses. However, if your area is much smaller, 5 miles is plenty.

We'll carefully review your area to determine the appropriate size, and insure you'll never compete with another ILKB studio.

"What kind of training will I receive?"

Your initial in-person training covers everything you could think of that's required to run an center. You, and up to 1 other principal, will learn everything from sales to the actual kickboxing workouts to logistics and more.

You'll walk away with everything you need to know to run a great facility. And of course, we're here Monday through Friday for any phone / email support you need along the way.

"Do I have to be a fitness expert to run an ILKB?"

Not at all. The most important thing is that you hire instructors who have experience in group workouts and kickboxing. In the operations manual, and in training, we'll show you exactly how to pick the best people for the job.

"How many hours a week can I expect to work in my facility?"

This is entirely up to you. Some franchisees are very inspired to run their center as a full-time job. Others prefer to outsource more, and work less. Depending on the kind of lifestyle that makes you happiest, both options are there.

"Can I open more than one center?"

Absolutely. encourages multiple locations per franchisee by offering a discount in franchise fees for each new location (ongoing 6% of gross still applies). (ongoing 6% of gross still applies). Corporate HQ works closely with franchisees that wish to open multiple locations by offering support and guidance in creating facilities that manage themselves.

"Can other employees who I hire throughout the year come to training?"

We host complimentary training for any new employees you hire for 2 weekends / year at corporate HQ in Long Island, NY. You're welcome to send your new staff members to learn the ins and outs of being a great employee for an ILKB center. Additional training outside of those 2 weekends is available upon request, for a cost of $750 / employee.